Friday, July 15, 2011

My Vegetables In The Back Yard are Thriving!

New Growth on Tomato Plant!
 I am having a blast with the back yard. I struggled initially to grow my tomatoes out of pots.  I have since removed one and put it back in the ground. The poor little fella was struggling. The other (right) is making a dramatic flora and tomatoes! I literally had put this plant into the compost area, but tried one last time to revive it and it's become one of the healthiest I have!

My pepper and cherry tomatoes are doing really well while only one of three eggplants are doing well.

My Original Potted Tomato is Thriving Again!!!

2nd Transplant of My Only Struggling Tomato

Shawn Posing In Front of Mini Hummingbird Feeder

Thyme is Beautiful

Adding Mounding/Squash Borer Protection

Building Soil Mounds Around Squash


Basil Is Aromatic

My Two Cherry Tomato Plants

Perfect For Mommy Marlene!

Cherry Tomato

My Other Potted Pepper orange peppers!

Healthy Eggplant

My potted pepper plant has large peppers now!

crushed eggshells protect pepper plant from slugs!

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